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The table of the Lord

di Lauretta Colonnelli

In which sauce did Jesus dip the morsel that he offered to Judas? At what time did the Last Supper begin? Who cooked it? Fish, lamb or pork? Roast or boiled? White wine or red? What hymns did Jesus and the apostles sing after eating? Sitting or lying? Who paid the bill? How many Last Suppers with crayfish are there in the churches of the Trentino? How many cherries did Ghirlandaio paint in the Florentine Cenacles? Is it true that Leonardo was a vegetarian? And why did he fill the dishes of his Last Supper with eels? Who was the sole artist to depict the Jewish Passover feast? Why does Judas wear yellow? And why does he have red hair? What is the «Renaissance elbow»? Where do the cats that appear under the table of the Cenacles come from? How many minutes must unleavened bread be left to rest? Why are crickets pure? And why are snails not? By how much have the portions at the sacred supper increased over the last thousand years? Who painted the largest loaf? Why have almost all artists covered the table of Jesus with knives? The first napkin in the history of art appears in which Last Supper?

Art, food, history, faith. After the great success of Do You Know Rome? Lauretta Colonnelli leads us on an adventurous journey through the infinite depictions of the Last Supper, from the Florentine Cenacles to Leonardo, from Giotto to Veronese, from Marc Chagall to Andy Warhol

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